iOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 will be released today (3 photos)

During the first autumn conference of the companyIn addition to the presentation of the sixth generation smart watch and a new line of iPad tablets, Apple announced the release date for stable versions of iOS 14 operating systems, its modifications for mobile gadgets iPad OS 14, updated firmware for watchOS 7 watches and a new tvOS for Apple TV. Already at the very beginning of the online presentation, after the announcement of the program of the event, numerous disputes that had flared up the day before about the iPhone 12 were resolved - the presentation of smartphones will take place later.

Release date was announced at the conferencestable builds of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS. The company did not drag out the time, and the official release of the updated operating systems was scheduled for September 16, the day after the online conference. A little later, it became known that Apple is already shipping the final test build of iOS 14 called Golden Master, which usually differs little from the official build intended for release.

Among the features of iOS 14 should be notedthe appearance of widgets on the desktop, the CarKey interface for working with cars. Users will also be able to sort applications into a special "Library", use the "Picture-in-picture" mode, and also use their own "Translator" application.

On Wednesday 16 September, an updated operatingApple tablet owners will also receive iPadOS 14. From now on, working with applications on the iPad will become more comfortable, thanks to the appearance of pop-up panels with various information. It also became possible to quickly convert handwritten texts into printed ones.

For happy owners of Apple smartwatches withOn Wednesday, an updated watchOS7 will be delivered, which introduces improved sleep tracking, an application that monitors the frequency of hand washing, and adds support for new types of watch faces.

Using the Apple TV after the launchtvOS 14 will become much easier for Apple HomeKit smart home video surveillance, as support for the "Picture-in-Picture" function will appear. It also became possible to connect AirPods headsets.

At the online conference, it was announced aboutintroducing a single subscription to Apple One services, which includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and additional iCloud storage. When registering a family plan, the subscription price will be 525 rubles per month, and for an individual subscription, the price will be 365 rubles.