iOS 13 will show which applications were watching you and where

Experts noted an interesting improvement in iOS 13. The OS will display on the map the points where specific applications in the background monitored the user's coordinates. The option will inform you about the secret activity of not only third-party software, but also Apple's utilities. Program authors will have to describe the need for background surveillance of user coordinates.

So, in the Tesla application appeared textnotifies that a person’s location is tracked to determine the distance to his electric vehicle. While in the background, this application monitors user coordinates to optimize the key on the smartphone. And this key helps to unlock the car.

Apple’s branded app keeps track of the person’s coordinates in the background, to provide features, products, and services based on the specifics of the place where the person is located.

That is, in order for the user not to block the application, its developers should most convincingly describe the need for background tracking of a person.