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Invented a new type of blood test for the diagnosis of cancer

Diagnosis of many life-threatening conditionsit is often hindered by the fact that their definition requires far from always simple manipulations in execution. However, a group of American researchers proposed a method for diagnosing cancer using a blood test. Moreover, the new method can indicate pathology with an accuracy of 98%.

American scientists from medical school atAt Johns Hopkins University, traditional DNA analysis was used as a “starting point,” however, according to Science, the DNA analysis was supplemented with protein marker technology. As a result, the CancerSEEK test was created, with which, using only a patient’s blood sample, it is possible to determine the presence of the 8 most common forms of cancer, which include stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer and breast cancer .

In a series of clinical trials, the methodproved its effectiveness and with its help in the analyzes of more than 1000 subjects, cancer markers from stages 1 to 3 were found. Moreover, what is noteworthy, the test is faster than the "traditional" methods for diagnosing cancer, and special equipment for it is not required at all.