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Invented a cure for "excess love"

Each of us at least once in his life was underthe influence of one of the strongest and uncontrollable feelings of love. Experiencing a whole complex of positive emotions, people in love are often not able to “soberly” evaluate the world around them, and their body is in a pseudo-painful state: palms sweat, palpitations speed, appetite disappears and blush appears. But what if scientists invented a special medicine that would enhance this feeling of love or, conversely, completely disable it? Scientists claim that there are already several types of such "elixirs" that can change our perception and attitude towards love.

Feeling love, the human body releases a large number of “hormones of happiness”

How does love affect the body?

Feeling a sense of love, humanthe body secretes many types of the strongest neurotransmitters known in chemistry as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Due to the rapid release of dopamine, a person has a feeling of satisfaction and love, similar to the sensations during drug intoxication. Norepinephrine makes our heart beat faster, and drugs based on synthetic serotonin are most often used as an antidepressant. Serotonin, in turn, affects not only our mood, giving a feeling of happiness and joy, but also on brain reactions. So, with an excess of serotonin, a mental disorder may even occur, but, fortunately, this happens quite rarely.

According to an article published on the, experts say that there are already “love” pills in the world that can regulate a person’s emotional feelings. Thanks to existing drugs, such as antidepressants, people are already unknowingly adjusting their attitude towards someone. It is known that in medical practice libido-changing drugs are already used, which are able to completely remove sex drive.

A decrease in the hormone vasopressin affects the emotional connection between partners

According to experts, a decrease in hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin can significantly affect the duration of relationships and the social connection between partners.

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In previous studies on mice,experts monitored males and their vasopressin levels. Scientists have found that when the level of the hormone decreases, then the ability of mice to pair with the female decreases. The hormone oxytocin allows you to have a closer social connection. The substance, which is often released during the birth of a baby, helps the female body to feed later. In an emotional manifestation, oxytocin causes a feeling of trust and calm, both in men and in women. Both of the above hormones provide a social connection between each other, and, of course, reducing one of them can significantly affect the emotional mood of the partner.

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Scientists believe that narcotic substances in alreadyexisting drugs can also affect a person’s emotional attitude to their partner. It turned out that the use of drugs containing psilobicin helps to survive problems in relationships along with the manifestations of post-traumatic disorders. Be that as it may, experts note that the use of such funds should be carried out under the strict supervision of medical personnel. In addition, treatment of love issues with drugs should be prescribed only in extremely severe cases.