Invasion of privacy - voice spam, messages and more


I remember watching American films as a child and every time I was amazed that the heroes were coming

home, and a huge pile ofenvelopes. For the American viewer, the size of the slide described the time period, gave a visual representation of how long the hero was absent. He told me that they write a lot to Americans and for any reason, companies are interested in them! There was nothing like this in Soviet times; an envelope with a letter in the mailbox was, without exaggeration, an event. Another message value and its dimension in these two worlds. Today, we, like Americans, quickly look through the envelopes and immediately get rid of annoying, but at the same time personal advertising at the entrance. We are surrounded by the world of advertising, in which the invasion of personal space has become the norm, no framework simply exists.

One of my favorite and already native operatorsconstantly trying to get me home internet. The callers are living people, but they are like biorobots, clattering the memorized text and do not allow themselves to go astray. Even when you say “no” in response, they still continue their story. I prefer to jump straight to the climax when they ask me where I live. I simply answer: "Downtown, Los Angeles." In response, I hear the standard: “Unfortunately, while there is no technical possibility to conduct the Internet there.” And short beeps, the operator just hangs up. No attempt to say goodbye, to apologize for invading my personal space. It is interesting that many young people begin to copy this style of communication in everyday life, they consider it normal.

The producer of one of the centralTV channels, asks to take part in the shooting, to help figure out how to choose the right e-reader. We discuss the time and place, I put the meeting on the calendar. The day before the scheduled meeting, a correspondent calls and shoots the story itself. A person is inspired by the place of work, the confidence that everything in his life is going right. And he does exactly the same as spammers, he asks a formal question: "Is it convenient for you to discuss the shooting and its topic?" I answer: "No, I'm uncomfortable." In response: "Nothing, I'm fast." And then the person chews for twenty minutes (he doesn’t have time for lunch, he needs to combine it!), Talks about his ideas about e-ink and about why I explain everything wrong. I was wondering when a person realizes that he has crossed all boundaries. This did not happen, however, I did not participate in the shooting, I refused. When the author of the plot is like this, nothing good can come out of it.

Note that for some peopleignoring other people's desires has become the norm, the invasion of personal space is not perceived as something unimaginable. Moreover, complete strangers, armed with a base, address me by my first name and patronymic, giving the impression that we are at least familiar. They heartily offer to use their services. I always try to avoid companies that resort to spam to attract new users to their ranks. This is usually a good indication of the way management thinks and how issues will be handled if they arise.

Spam comes in waves, although maybe it's just melucky. Either a ringing emptiness, no one calls, then dozens of calls break through and pour in, in no way connected with the events in my life. As if someone turned on the tap and I get the necessary portion of advertising. Recorded messages, robots, real people - they all mixed into a many-voiced chorus. Blocking numbers saves for a while, spammers have learned how to change numbers, choose regular cell phones and call from them. Perhaps the most advanced is Tinkoff, which is constantly trying to foist personal service on me.

  • Hello, Eldar Viktorovich. My name is Tatyana, I want to offer you personal service in our bank. We have…
  • (I interrupt Tatiana). Thanks, I'm not interested.
  • But why? We have…
  • I am not interested!
  • But we...
  • Not interested.
  • Why?
  • Because Tinkoff.
  • Let's talk about it.
  • Not.
  • Still, let's...
  • (I hang up the phone).

What kind of personal service in the place where youinitially do not hear and do not want to hear? I also ask where they got this phone number, and I am happily informed that this is a random call using a computer. To my sarcastic question, how they chose my name and surname, I hear a serious answer - by a computer.


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Spam filters can't handle the floodvarious messages that should be useful, but no longer even cause irritation. An unfortunate hindrance, we have become deaf and return a hundredfold the same thing in the opposite direction. Several times in my life I had the opportunity to hear the communication of support service operators from different companies, that's where the branch of hell and part-time free psychological help. These boys and girls are being repaid in full for all the calls and unwanted messages that a person once received. The break is in full swing.

It is possible and necessary to filter spam in the same Telegram, my problem is that journalists often contact me, whose contacts I do not have. That's why ads leak.

Although, perhaps, Telegram is the most securefrom this spam, robots call more often. Please note that many simply stop answering unfamiliar numbers, transfer the call to voice answering machines or reject them altogether. But SMS spammers are now not in favor, they leave traces behind them.

It seems to me that a spam subject of any kind wouldeternal, and exactly until the moment when we learn to ignore companies and their services. In order for any company to be afraid of being seen in spam, deny their participation in it. Indeed, in this case, she will lose her customers and will not be able to receive certain funds.

Operators offer services in a funny wayspam protection, you receive an unwanted message, and immediately an SMS arrives in which you are offered to protect yourself from the same one. And you think who is parasitizing on spam and how random the first message was. I have a built-in Android utility that filters spam pretty well. But it still breaks through, just in the outside world there are tons of it. And your answers in the survey prove it.

The survey can be found here

I'm interested in this moment, spam didpossible ignoring the desires of a person. Out of decency, the answer “no” is added to the scripts, but it is ignored for various reasons. And therefore, a person, as a recipient of spam, loses his will, on the other side of the tube no one is interested in your desires, you are a kind of impersonal creature that has the right only to fulfill the plan for the operator. To make a purchase. And the worst thing is that, having trembled once, you will immediately end up on the list of those who acquire something, and spam will become even more. Vicious circle.

For myself, I find in spam an opportunity to learn betterof people. I listen carefully to suggestions, I have a large collection of different records. I communicate with callers, I delay the time as much as possible, if I have the opportunity. Sometimes it makes me cross off the call lists, the client is too tight, I don’t buy anything, I take a lot of time. Sometimes young operators cannot stand the script, go into the jungle, get confused and then solve the issue radically - they hang up.

I know people who are nervous from such calls,trying to prove something. But this is pointless, because you do not communicate with machines, realizing that it is impossible to get an answer from them. It’s exactly the same story here, the operator must be perceived as a machine (sometimes he is such, it’s especially funny when Oleg calls and communicates with my voice assistant).

By the way, one of the main tasks of those whoarranges phone calls, it becomes a determination that there is a living person on the other end of the wire. If there is an answering machine, a robot secretary, the cost of the call rises, and this is a lost call. Therefore, the level of protection becomes an autoresponder plus a spam filter. Interestingly, in most situations, living people have stopped leaving messages on the answering machine, they simply ignore it. The technology somehow quickly became boring, ceased to be useful. Although, maybe my circle of friends affects here, but everything is exactly the opposite with you. Let's talk about this somehow separately.

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