Introduced Xbox Series X Console Internal Device Video (video)

New Microsoft Xbox Game ConsoleSeries X got an unusual design for game consoles. However, in addition to the original appearance, this form factor has an important functional load, as demonstrated in the video posted on the Digital Foundry channel.

The authors of the video showed a video of dismantlingstructural elements of the Xbox Series X, which allowed us to evaluate how the console is designed. From the video it becomes clear that such an unusual design contributes to the creation of a highly efficient cooling system.

Earlier during the presentation of the Xbox Series X consoleMicrosoft has unveiled all the technical parameters of the future consoles. The hardware of the console will run on an 8-core processor with Zen 2 architecture and a frequency of 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz with SMT), a custom graphics processor RDNA 2, 16 GB GDDR6. SSD drive will receive a capacity of 1 GB with the possibility of expansion, and the graphic power of the console will reach 12 TFLOPS.

Thus, the Xbox Series X becomes the mostpowerful game console. At the same time, the Xbox Velocity architecture will provide optimal integration of the hardware and software parts of the console, expanding the capabilities of developers. The launch of the Xbox Series X console is slated for the 2020 Christmas holidays.

Source: wccftech