Introduced the “biggest rocket engine” made by 3D printing

In the market of orbital launches soonthere will be a new player. To SpaceX or at least the same Blue Origin it is still far away, but the start was quite vigorous. The private Scottish startup Orbex presented the world's largest rocket engine, manufactured exclusively using 3D printing technology. In addition, the company showed the second stage of its Prime Rocket launch vehicle, coinciding with the opening of a new headquarters and development center in Scotland.

Allegedly, the technology of 3D printing has eliminated the need for welds - the weak point of engines made by traditional methods.

New jet engine powered byenvironmentally friendly and renewable fuel - biopropane. In the future, this will reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere when launched up to 90 percent compared to traditional rocket fuel.

The peculiarity of the second stage of the new launch vehiclePrime Rocket is that its body is made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, which makes it 30 percent lighter than any other carrier in the same category. With a height of 17 meters and a diameter of 1.3 meters, Prime Rocket belongs to the lightweight class of launch vehicles and is able to lift up to several hundred kilograms of cargo depending on the height of the orbit.

Conclusion of compact satellites to heliosynchronous andThe polar orbit is the direction and niche in the space launch market that Orbex wants to take over the next few years. The first launch of the Prime Rocket is to take place in 2021 from the cosmodrome in Scotland. Orbex also signed a contract with Astrocast SA from Switzerland to launch 10 nanosatellites for the global IoT network in 2023.

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