Introduced an updated version of the Huawei folding smartphone Mate X (5 photos)

Huawei followed the lead of Samsung andconstructively finalized the new folding smartphone shortly before the start of sales. Recently, Huawei's general director for consumer business, Richard Y., appeared on the network. He used the flexible Mate X in public. True, not everyone noticed the important "little things". His version of the smartphone is slightly different from that presented by the manufacturer on the MWC 2019.

If you carefully examine the new shots of Mate X fromHuawei, the obvious differences from the prototype, announced at the beginning of the year, become more noticeable. So, in the new version, the 4th camera is clearly visible, noted in the development description. According to experts, this is a ToF-sensor, in the early version of the novelty it was completely absent or simply merged with the body. In addition, a red button was enlarged, separating the two halves of the device.

Also observant comrades noted coveragecomposite textured material of the side of the device where the camera is located, and the central area at the point of bending. This compound is very similar to carbon fiber. Perhaps this is true, especially considering the considerable cost of a smartphone.

Navigation keys on the display are missing. Manage your smartphone, most likely, it will be possible with the help of gestures. There is no crease on the screen
in the central region, well marked at the beginning of the year. Probably, this moment was finalized by the manufacturer.

According to rumors, Mate X will be officially released early this fall.

Source: xda-developers