Introduced a brain implant that will improve memory by 30%

Ways to improve memory at the momentthere are many, but all of them are associated with fairly monotonous processes of brain training. At the same time, over and over again, attempts are being made to improve brain function with the help of electrical stimulation or the installation of implants that expand human capabilities. And according to New Scientist, experts from the University of Southern California were able to create an implant that improves memory by 30%.

The device is connected to the hippocampus of the brain usingseveral electrodes. It is the hippocampus that plays an important role in the training and storage of information. The implant imitates the processes of processing memories. In addition, the first tests of the device have already passed. A group of 20 volunteers was asked to take a memory test: first, participants were shown a series of images of different blood stains, which they had to describe in 5-10 seconds. In the second phase of the tests, people were also shown several more pictures, and the condition remained the same: to describe them after 5-10 seconds, only this time the brain was stimulated by an implant. In the course of testing, scientists analyzed the neurons of the subjects' brain to determine which areas of the brain are activated in the process of memories.

As a result, almost all participantsexperiment, after connecting the implant, on average, a third more images were recalled than when the implant was turned off. Scientists hope that in the future such chips can be used to help people with memory impairments. In addition, using similar technology, you can create implants to stimulate the visual, motor or auditory centers of the brain.