Internet users in Russia will register

Officials of the Russian Federation have begundiscussion of the creation of a unified state register for recording content views and ad impressions At the same time, the first consultations with specialized Internet companies have already taken place.

Ultimate User Accounting ConceptInternet has not yet been developed, there is a discussion about the principles of the system and the amount of information that can be obtained through it. Officials plan to use existing systems for studying the audience of television companies and accounting for movie tickets purchased.

According to statements made by government officialsthe main consumer of information collected through the future system will be producers of advertising and content. Currently, they use unverified data from several sources, which are sometimes unreliable, false and contradictory. According to officials, traffic counters should be set for all sites that receive payment for advertising or place paid content.

However, this does not benefit from attendance to. Internet ad serving data may be useful for tax authorities interested in transparent revenue information for advertising companies.

In addition, data on the focus of interestsInternet users may be needed by government agencies to obtain information on topics of concern to society. According to the latest unverified data, government agencies were not able to obtain reliable information even on Internet searches of the direct line of the President of the Russian Federation.

However, at the moment, this innovation is associated with the solution of technical and legal problems, primarily with foreign Internet resources.

Source: Vedomosti