Interesting statistics: the average cost of a smartphone in Russia and more

The TASS news agency (with reference to a study by Russian Standard Bank) published

interesting statistics related to the marketsmartphones in Russia. According to these data, the average check for buying a smartphone for the period December-February decreased significantly and amounted to 10,638 rubles, while last year it was 15,036 rubles (a drop of 41%). Another noticeable trend is the growth in the share of Chinese devices: 54% of all smartphones sold (41% a year earlier). At the same time, Korean and American brands have a share of sales at the level of 25% (in the winter of 2022, this figure was 36%).

“Statistics confirmed the superiority of the Chinesebrands in the mobile phone market. They were more common than others in the sales receipts of purchases by Russians in December 2022-February 2023,” the study concludes.

Photo: Sergei Savostyanov/TASS