Interesting statistics from MTS

MTS has published an interesting study that collects statistics regarding the use of services

communications with subscribers.For example, data are given that, on average, Russian users make 10 calls per day with a total duration of 22 minutes. At the same time, the most sociable region is the Trans-Baikal Territory (24 minutes a day), followed by the Pskov Region (22 minutes), the Krasnodar Territory and the Tyumen Region (19 minutes), as well as the Novosibirsk Region and Adygea (18.5 minutes). It is specified that men almost caught up with women in terms of the number of conversations: if in early September women accounted for 60% of voice traffic, now the figures are almost equal: 51% for women, 49% for men. The largest increase in call duration occurred in Penza (+33%), followed by Astrakhan (+24%), Smolensk (+17%) and Moscow (+15%).