Intel tries to troll Apple again (5 videos)

Apple's solution in two years is completeabandoning Intel processors and switching to chips of their own production, both high-tech firms returned to the state of the Cold War, the beginning of the millennium, known for the advertising opposition “Mac vs. PC ". Now Intel has taken the initiative and decided to fight Apple with its own weapon: creative videos. However, reusing the same idea rarely leads to good results and Intel's new advertising campaign was not as bright as the first phase of the Mac vs PC confrontation in 2006-2009.

Intel Creative Service Engaged in Advertisingactor Justin Long, who starred in a series of Apple music videos fifteen years ago. Then Long acted as a simpleton "PC" forever lagging behind the energetic "Mac". Now "Justin becomes real" (such a simple name suggested by Intel marketers).

In five short videos exhibitedIntel Justin Long talks about meeting reality and talks about the advantages of Wintel laptops over MacBooks. The mockery of Apple affected the most vulnerable places in the MacBook, according to Intel: the Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro with the M1 chip, the lack of a touch screen, the ability to work with only one external display. The argument for the lack of a touchscreen display in the MacBook was already played out in Intel's February ad campaign.