Intel showed the process of creating processors (video)

Creating microprocessors to enablenumerous computer operations, playing on consoles, driving cars is a technically long, accurate and very complex process. Intel Corporation introduced a short video that allows using the visual series to create an idea of ​​the process of creating modern processors.

Video “How Intel makes chips: from concept to customer ”offers a simple overview of the 10 nm manufacturing process - from design to testing complex devices. During the conversion of the "heap of sand" into an intelligent microchip, the semi-finished plate goes through more than 1000 operations that allow you to integrate the required number of transistors.

The processes presented in the footage revealSecrets of some Intel technologies used to create FinFET transistors (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors). At the same time, the video contains a link to COAG technology, which, according to insider information, has become one of the reasons for the delay in the development of Intel 10 nm processors.

The video shows the process of integrating individualprocessor elements in a single device. At the same time, Intel used an original technical solution to eliminate the effect associated with the migration of electrons, expressed in the transfer of matter with the constant movement of ions. Intel engineers have proposed using cobalt instead of copper when connecting transistors and wires.

To overcome the gap with its main competitors in the face of the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC, Intel Engineering Service plans to launch the production of chips in the 7 nm process by the end of 2021.

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