Intel showed the most unusual laptop with two screens (7 pics + 2 videos)

Competition in the market of computer equipmentmakes the companies working on it constantly improve their products so that it is in demand, arouses interest and is constantly surprised. These are the laws of the market, and its participants are forced to reckon with them. Intel showed a prototype of the Honeycomb Glacier gaming notebook, which is quite unusual in that it has two screens. This is not the first attempt by manufacturers to demonstrate similar solutions. However, Intel surpassed its rivals by finding an original solution for its new product.

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Thanks to a special mechanism laptoptransformed, with the main screen rises to the level of the user's eyes. The second widescreen display, aimed at the player, is also raised at a certain angle.

The size of the main Full HD display deviceis 15.6 inches, and the diagonal of the second panel is 12.3 inches, with a resolution of 1920x720 pixels. An additional screen at Honeycomb Glacier can be used by gamers for displaying a game card, displaying health / equipment indicators or chatting from a stream / messenger. Another innovation is that Tobii cameras are installed in the gadget, which allow you to control the system with a glance. Similar cameras work in many games. A hinge design is needed not only to raise the screens, but also to provide additional ventilation of the system, since the laptop runs on an 8-core Intel processor and NVIDIA GTX 1060 video card with overclocking.

Intel's novelty is a prototype for it to becomea full-fledged product, much more needs to be done. Even the screen was borrowed from car manufacturers, as no one in the computer industry has yet released such panels for laptops.