Intel is developing a folding smartphone tablet (6 photos)

About Surface Phone talk for several years,but lately nothing has been heard of him. Apparently, because Microsoft finally collapses the mobile platform version of Widows 10 Mobile, and the company decided not to develop a flagship smartphone under its own brand. However, there was a chance to look at something similar from partners of a famous corporation.

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Anyway, Intel has patented foldingA device that can turn into a tablet has a very attractive design and consists of three parts. The patent appeared in the middle of 2017. It describes the gadget, consisting almost entirely of a frameless display. When folded, this is a smartphone, and quite plump. Included with the hybrid device is a digital pen, gently inserted into the hole in the bend. Cameras integrated into the screen. Experts have already visualized this idea. In the picture, the bending smartphone from Intel is presented quite clearly.

As they said last year, at Microsoftworked on the concept of a pocket-sized folding tablet, code-named Andromeda. It is possible that in a real product based on the Intel patent, software developments of this idea will be used. Of course, if he ever finds himself in the mass market.