Intel has created a new ray tracing engine for the CPU

For developers, the GitHub page presentsOSPRay's version 2.0 open source ray tracing engine, which has received significant improvements. Intel introduced OSPRay as a ray-tracing mechanism for rendering with an open source CPU, scalable and portable. The main application of OSPRay 2.0 is the scientific visualization of special applications.

OSPRay works with the most advanced suiteinstructions AVX-512 and becomes one of the components of the Intel programming model oneAPI. Environment occlusion, shadows, global lighting using physical materials and volume rendering are supported, and work in large systems with distributed memory is also available.

In patch OSPRay 2.0 there is an improved programming interface (API) and the Intel Open Volume Kernel Library (Open VKL) is used, which suggests the possibility of rendering volumetric objects and increasing productivity. The new engine works with Intel Open Image Denoise and the latest version of Intel Embree.

Source: tomshardware