Intel Core i5-11400 (Rocket Lake-S) processor up to 34% faster than Core i5-10400 (Comet Lake)

On the Rocket Lake-S series of processors, the Intel modelThe Core i5-11400 will be the slowest and most affordable. Intel's budget 6-core processor has been tested on Geekbench and has shown very good results. The new processor supports multi-threading and provides support for 12 threads in a 6-core configuration, which is the same configuration as the previous Comet Lake i5-10400 chip from the Comet Lake family. At the same time, the processor frequency has changed insignificantly and is only 100 MHz higher than the frequency of its predecessor in turbo mode.

First testing of a new, budget processorpassed on Geekbench. The sample was tested twice on an ASRock Z590M Pro4 motherboard with 16GB DDR4-2133MHz memory. Memory speed has an impact on performance, and therefore will have a significant impact on the results presented by Geekbench 5. Therefore, the tests presented are only a basic idea of ​​the processor's capabilities.

The predecessor of the novelty is the Core i5-10400 processorcosts 182 dollars on the market. According to the manufacturers, the new model Intel Core i5-11400 will be sold at the same price. As a result, users will get a more productive (according to Geekbench5 benchmarks) processor, at the same price as its predecessor.

Geekbench5 results show that inIn single-core mode, the new Intel Core i5-11400 chip from the Rocket Lake-S family scored 1490 points, 34% higher than the Core i5-10400. For multi-core mode, the beginner's superiority is somewhat more modest - only 16%, with 6576 points. The weaker result of the multi-core mode could be influenced by the low speed of the RAM. It is noteworthy that in single-core mode, this budget representative of the Rocket Lake-S family surpasses all models of the Comet Lake-S processor family. 11th Gen Intel Desktop Processors are slated for official launch on March 18.

Source: videocardz