Intel continues to troll Apple in its ads (video)

Using Apple branded M1 processors andplans to completely switch to chips of its own production, have caused significant damage to Intel, which is losing one of the most significant consumers of processors. In mid-February there will be a change of leadership at Intel and the new CEO has already set a goal to surpass Apple. The company's marketers took into account the wishes of the new head of the company and launched an advertising campaign Go PC (Switch to PC), parodying Apple's program Get a Mac, which lasted from 2006 to 2010.

A new round of confrontation between Intel and Apple, earlierdubbed Mac vs PC, was launched by Intel engineers last week when cleverly selected tests proved the superiority of the Intel Core i7 processor over the Apple M1. Now the fight has moved to Twitter and YouTube. On the official Intel Twitter page, there are several posts tagged with #GoPC, which reveal the advantages of personal computers running Windows over Mac computers.

Intel advertises restrictionsMacBooks with an ARM-based M1 processor, such as the lack of a USB-A connector, the lack of multi-display capabilities and, of course, the lack of a touchscreen and support for many games available on Windows PCs (the ad mentions the Rocket League arcade). The user-friendly design of Windows laptops is also noted, allowing them to turn into a tablet.

Twitter posts refer visitors to the video onYouTube, in which blogger (1.5 million subscribers) and columnist for CNBC and FOX Business, John Rettinger, shows the advantages of an 11th Gen Intel Core laptop over an M1 MacBook.

Source: intel