Instructions: how to find hidden cameras and bugs in your room?

We live in a time when no man canto be completely sure that he is not being watched. Proof of this can serve as a scandal in 2018, when users of the service for renting apartments discovered a hidden camera in the hired room. It follows that spyware should not only be afraid of celebrities, but also ordinary people - attackers will always find someone to blackmail with the help of compromising photos and videos. Fortunately, you can detect spyware in the room by yourself - you just need to follow special instructions.

Tips for easy searching for hidden cameras and bugsshared by experts from the company Sentel Tech. They assure that they carry out all the above steps themselves, so they should not even be doubted in their effectiveness. Before starting the inspection, they recommend thinking about what type of spyware can be in the room. As a rule, in hotel rooms there are hidden cameras, and in conference rooms - tiny voice recorders.

Experts divide the search process into several important stages, none of which can be skipped.

The search procedure for hidden cameras and bugs:

  • Preparing to search;
  • Visual inspection;
  • Use of detectors;
  • Precautionary measures.

Preparing to search

Experts advise to enter the new roominitially suggesting that she is being monitored. There is no need to panic, because it looks like a seat belt is fastened in a car - most likely, it will not be needed, but this way a person becomes more confident in his safety.

The room is divided into four sections andcarefully review each one for suspicious details. They may be the same things like coffee pots, bare wires, suspicious light bulbs - all this should be paid much attention.

Visual inspection

Any spy device requires a sourcepower supply, so the first thing you need to look at what devices are connected to outlets. Suspicious wires may well lead to spyware. Cameras and recording devices are usually installed where a person spends the most time: on the sofa, in the bathroom, in the living room, by the window, and so on.

Hidden cameras can be located in the corridors,bathroom and bedroom, and in places with a good viewing angle - so it is easier for attackers to get compromising frames. Bugs for recording sound are usually found on beds, chairs, tables and balconies.

Smoke detectors, thermostats and lights in hotels,as a rule, the same. If there is a device of another model in the room, or it does not match the style of the institution, this is a reason to be wary. Surely it would seem strange to everyone that an old clock suddenly appeared in a modern hotel. It is also important to pay attention to the walls and ceilings: perhaps there are holes in them, or some of the tiles stand out among the rest.

Mirrors are objects that require special attention. A camera can be quite behind the mirror surface, but it is very easy to recognize a two-sided mirror - you need to attach a fingertip to it. In a real mirror, the finger and the reflection will not touch, but if they touch each other, you need to turn off the light and look inside the mirror with a flashlight attached to it, because a lens can be hidden behind it. It is noteworthy that shockproof mirrors with a metal wall are put on gas stations and bars, so you should not be afraid of them.

Use of detectors

Spyware can transmit signalsintruders in real time. Such devices can be easily found using a radio-frequency detector — when waves are detected, it begins to emit warning signals. Inexpensive detectors recognize frequencies in the range from 10 Hz to 24 GHz - this is quite enough for finding hidden equipment.

To detect hidden cameras that are notcommunicate with the network and record video on a memory card, lens detectors are used. If there is a camera in the room, the reflection of its lens will be visible on the detector. If it is equipped with an infrared sensor for shooting in the dark, it is still easier - you can look around the room using a smartphone selfie camera. Unlike the main one, she sees the IR study, and you can verify this by pressing the button on the remote control from the TV, directing it to the front of the smartphone - a small flash will be visible.

When inspecting walls with equipment, you needslowly walk up and down on them without losing any sections. Thus it is important to scan all previously divided segments of the room. You should pay attention to all the cracks, holes and irregularities - often bugs hide in precisely such inconspicuous places.

Precautionary measures

Most likely the room will be clean butIf a camera or bug was detected, it is necessary to hide from their sight and call the police. Perhaps the attacker got into the frame and it is possible to identify it, and unnecessary movements in the frame can erase an important fragment that is at the very beginning of the recording.

Technology does not stand still, so somedevices may go unnoticed. That only is the development of researchers from Peking University - in 2018, they attached a spy robot to fish-stick.

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