Installation Zero Mass Water extract water from the air (6 photos)

The problem of the supply of clean drinking water is relevantin many countries of the world. One of the solutions to the problem of providing the population with high-quality water are the panels of the American startup Zero Mass Water. The company's technology allows us to produce clean, potable water directly from the air.

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The first Zero Mass Water test panels wereinstalled at Kingston Hospital (Jamaica). Jamaica is one of the countries where the problem of the supply of drinking water is particularly acute and is being solved at the government level. On the roof of the hospital, a startup has installed 20 special Source panels, which operate at the expense of solar energy.

The surface of the Source panels has a specialnano-coating based on a hygroscopic material that absorbs moisture directly from the air. Then the liquid enters special containers, where its enrichment with mineral salts occurs and high-quality drinking water is obtained. In a month, the panels produce 3,000 liters of water, which fully meets the needs of the hospital.

Currently, the panels are placed in 20 countries of the world and are used in Libya for refugee children from Syria, in India for schoolchildren, and in Kenya for girls from the crisis center.

The startup has gathered for the development of the project more than 65 milliondollars. Among the investors of the project are Bill Gates, Richard Brance and Jeff Bezos, who have invested $ 22 million. In addition to social charity projects, a startup sells panels for wealthy users, since one Source installation costs $ 2,000.
The developers claim that the water quality is almost identical to that produced from artesian wells.