Instagram revealed private data of ordinary and well-known users.

Another personal data leak occurred fromservice controlled by Facebook. This time, personal data of 49 million Instagram users leaked to public access, including many celebrities and data from official accounts of famous brands.

Information hosted on Amazon Web Services and nothas no protection. The open access turned out to be a standard set of Instagram account data, including photos, descriptions, number of subscribers, profile verification data and location data by cities and countries. However, the information also contains confidential information about account holders, their email address and telephone number.

According to Facebook, currently underwayinvestigating how confidential information could leak. It is now known that the storage of the unprotected database was carried out by the marketing company Chtrbox, which practices the placement of paid posts with bloggers. Each profile was assessed according to the number of subscribers, involvement, coverage, likes and reposts, which was taken into account when estimating the cost of advertising.