Insta360 modular action cameras equipped with interchangeable lens (6 photos)

For fans of extreme shooting at the exhibitionCES 2020 Insta360 brand introduced the original device - One R action camera, one of the main advantages of which was the modular design, which allows you to quickly change lenses, ensuring comfortable work in various situations.

Insta360 One R design consists of threeseparate blocks: the main module with a monitor, the battery and a removable lens. The user gets the opportunity to quickly replace the lens using one of the options provided by the company. The following modules can be used as interchangeable lenses in Insta360 One R in various scenarios: for panoramic 360-degree shooting with aperture of f / 2.0, for wide-angle shooting of dynamic clips in 4K resolution with aperture of f / 2.8 and a lens for shooting wide-angle videos in resolution 5 , 3K or 19 megapixel photos (f / 3.2). Leica participated in the development of the 5.3K wide-angle lens.

Depending on the lens usedtwo types of codecs are used: H.264 and H.265, and the highest bit rate reaches 100 Mbps. Insta360 One R also uses FlowState 2.0 special image stabilization technology. AI technology is used in color gamut correction, HDR control and shooting process.

Insta360 One R modular camera price depends oncomplete with lenses. The option with a wide-angle 4K lens will cost the consumer $ 288. The camera equipped with a module designed for 360-degree shooting is estimated at $ 460, and for cameras capable of shooting 5.3K video, the price is set at $ 504.

Source: gizchina