Insta360 introduced the smallest action camera. Why is it better than GoPro?

We all periodically shoot videos. Someone uses the countless GoPro analogues for this, someone prefers old-fashioned video cameras, give pathos mirrorless to bloggers, and someone needs a rather simple smartphone. Recently, another device has appeared, about which little is known, but it’s worth talking about it, since it is devoid of many of the shortcomings of the usual cameras. But he has his flaws.

Miniature size great features of the Insta360 GO camera


  • 1 What is Insta360 GO?
  • 2 How does Insta360 GO work?
  • 3 Additional Features of Insta360 GO
  • 4 Insta360 GO Features
  • 5 Cons Insta360 GO
  • 6 Should I buy an Insta360 GO camera?

What is Insta360 GO?

The main disadvantage of even the smallest camerasis the size. Usually they are more than what is convenient to carry with them, fastened to clothes. In the case of the Insta360 GO camera, this problem can be forgotten thanks to magnets.

If you look at how Apple uses magnets in the design of the latest generation iPad, it seems that they know something. Are magnets our everything?

For ease of wearing, there is a speciala platform that can be hung on the neck or fixed on the head. At the same time, you will not look like a schoolboy with a huge Nokia on his neck from the beginning of the zero. The platform is small, and the camera is attached with magnets. So it can be worn and used. It turns out that in the face of a simple mount hanging on the neck, you get an analog of the chest holder from GoPro, which, in addition to being large in size, also pulls you from all sides, turning it into a “Knitwear from Old Yard”.

In this case, the GoPro is not even fixed on the jacket.

Insta360 GO weighs only 20 grams, and its sizeJust over the size of the Xiaomi Mi Band tracker. Thanks to this, it can be attached to the site even through clothes. Just put it on your chest and you can shoot a video.

That's just wondering if it will raise the customs officer who will check your parcel if you order the camera by mail. On the one hand, it’s just a camera, but on the other, with this size, it can be attributed to covert surveillance. In this case, the buyer may have problems. And the conversation will be quite strict and lengthy.

The camera is almost invisible on clothes and may cause questions.

How does Insta360 GO work?

To operate the camera, you need to press just one buttonon her body. At the same time, it is located on the front panel, directly under the lens. That is, if the camera is hanging on clothes or a headdress, it will be as simple as possible, it will not even have to be disconnected. The main thing is not to slap the lens located as close to the button as possible.

There are several shooting modes. In addition to regular video, you can take photos, Hyperlapse (fast motion) and SlowMo (slow motion). At the same time, a stabilization system, protection against water (ipx4) and the ability to rotate the captured video are provided.

Insta360 GO weighs only 20 grams. Impressive!

Thanks to the mount, the camera can shoot video infirst-person style. You can even chat with pens while driving on a roller coaster, showing exciting effects. I wrote this without irony. Such videos really look beautiful.

Thanks to stabilization, which on commercials looks very decent (who would doubt it), such videos will look even more dynamic, and photos will be less blurry.

The crew of the famous “Addict Pavlik” probably already ordered a couple of such cameras

After the videos are captured, you canIt will be easy to transfer to a smartphone using a special dongle. The function of automatic creation of clips is also available, which Instagram lovers will certainly appreciate. The videos are short, but dynamic. This is exactly what is needed, given the restrictions imposed by this social network.

An example of connecting a camera to a smartphone

Additional features of Insta360 GO

In addition to shooting video and photos from clothes, the camera canremove Time Lapse from the mount, which allows you to fix it in the right position. As a result, you will get a video that can impress many with its simplicity and at the same time entertainment. Many have seen frames more than once, clouds quickly floating across the sky or the sun is literally falling over the horizon, but this makes them no less interesting. Everything that differs from the usual shooting “here I am, but here I am” is of interest. This applies to both very slow and highly accelerated videos, and even to shooting from unusual angles.

Here are some more examples of fantastic shots: crazy first-person drone shooting

If you have interesting videos and you are ready to share them, you are welcome to our Telegram chat. I am sure everyone, and I personally, will be interested to listen to your suggestions.

Against the background of the surf, the camera is completely lost

Features Insta360 GO

All necessary holders and adapters, aboutwhich I said above are already included in the kit. Video shooting is possible with a resolution of 2720 by 2702 pixels. Thanks to such a square frame, normal stabilization and extraction of the usual FullHD video with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, which can then be rotated, is possible. This opportunity should not be underestimated - it is really cool. Yes, the video will take up more space on the drive, but it will give very great opportunities for processing.

Static Time Lapse can even be shot at a resolution of 3040 by 3040 pixels. For Slow Motion, more modest values ​​are available - 1600 by 900 points.

The remaining characteristics are as follows:

  • Video format - insp (in camera), mp4 (after processing on a smartphone)
  • Photo format - insp (in camera), jpg (after processing on a smartphone)
  • Bitrate - 40 Mb / s (in the camera), 40 Mb / s (during export)
  • Stabilization - six-axis gyroscopic
  • Compatible Devices - Latest iOS and Android
  • White balance and exposure - auto
  • Aperture - f / 2.1
  • Built-in memory - 8 GB
  • Charge time - 20 minutes camera, 1 hour case

Cons Insta360 GO

The first minus, as usual, can be called the price. The camera, along with the entire kit, costs $ 242. Not to say that the amount is very large compared to the rest of modern electronics, but it is not small either. Insta360 GO is unlikely to become a tool for every day and a complete device for shooting video. This is a convenient camera for shooting moderately active videos, and not everyone will be willing to pay so much for it.

The second minus will be the limit in the size of the video. Only clips can be recorded for 30 or 60 seconds. After pressing the record button, it will be possible to shoot just such a clip. On the other hand, rarely does anyone shoot longer videos, but I want to have such an opportunity.

On the head, the camera also does not take up much space

The third and perhaps last minus will bethat the camera may fall off the magnetic mount. The latches are still more reliable. It is the latches that will be preferable for something more active than walking in the mountains.

Should I buy an Insta360 GO camera?

Before recommending buying such a camera, II would suggest weighing the pros and cons of just such a decision, as well as see more examples of shooting on the Insta360 GO. It is not so cheap, but its specialization is quite narrow.

But to get this camera as a gift would be verynicely. Hence the second purchase option. If you have someone to whom you do not know what to give and you do not mind $ 242, the option will be very good. You can even order the application of your drawing on the record button. This will make the camera more individual. I am sure that the person who received such a gift will be satisfied. In other cases, you should understand if you need this camera.

You can learn more about the camera on the manufacturer’s website.