Insta360 Flow - a stabilizer with tracking a person in the frame was priced at $ 159 (4 photos + video)

Insta360 introduced a new three-axissmartphone stabilizer. Its main feature is support for the Deep Track 3.0 algorithm. It allows the device to follow a person in the frame, respond to gestures, automatically take panoramas and perform other useful functions.

For attaching Insta360 Flow to a smartphone inComes with a magnetic holder. After pairing via Bluetooth, the gimbal gains access to image tracking and, for example, can recognize a given person in the frame and follow him throughout the recording. This works not only when shooting a video, but also during a video call or creating a video for TikTok.

Among other useful features of the accessorydevelopers note the possibility of shooting panoramas and videos with the effect of timeshift and timelapse. In addition, Insta360 Flow can recognize gestures. For example, to activate the tracking of a certain person, he must raise his palm.

In addition to its main role, the Insta360 stabilizerFlow can function as a tripod, selfie stick and power bank. The built-in battery lasts for 12 hours of operation, and you can charge the device in two hours via the Type-C connector. The novelty, compatible with iOS and Android, is already on sale in the US for $159. The $209 advanced package includes an external flash and a Lightning to USB Type-C cable.