InSight probe resumes drilling of Mars (4 photos)

The study of the surface of Mars by automatic stations is intended to provide a preparatory stage for the full colonization of the planet, the beginning of which is scheduled for the next decade.

Mission of the space station InSight, committedlanding on Mars November 26, 2018 is to study the structure, composition and seismic activity of the surface of the Red Planet. The priority tasks of InSight are the detection of water in a liquid or solid state. The mission of the probe is designed for 728 Earth days or 709 solos (Martian day).

The HP3 drilling rig began work on March 7 and for4 hours punched a hole depth of 50 cm. Then the bur ran into an insurmountable obstacle. It was decided to suspend drilling. According to the specification, the drilling rig must go through a well with a depth of 5 m.

Engineering Service, analyzing the compositionobstacles, found that it is not a hard stone, but duricrarest is a solid layer of fine grains of sand. Pass this breed bora HP3 quite under force. However, due to the structural features of the drilling rig and the loose structure of dyurikrast, the return of the plant will decrease.

Mission scientists and engineersInSight, they now plan to use the IDA (Instrument Deployment Arm) robotic arm to raise the support structure. The lifting process will take place in several stages, starting from the end of June. Such an event will lead to an increase in the adhesion and compensation of recoil of the hammer drill when working with peeling material durikrast.