Insiders set the first photos of the real PlayStation 5

The interest of the gaming community in the announcedSony's PlayStation 5 prefix, planned to be released in 2020, does not subside, because the developers did not present a console image and revealed little technical data. Insiders come to the rescue. The first photos of the future hit of the gaming industry appeared on the Internet.

Photos received from an unnamed insider were posted on the network by the founder of the resource ZONEofTECH Daniel Rotat.
It is noteworthy that the appearance of the consolealmost one-on-one copies the design of Sony's patented device, on which the PlayStation 5 logo was visible. On the front panel is the inscription “first prototype. Not for sale". Therefore, in the end, the design of the console can be significantly changed.

The front panel shows the BluRay drive,and above it are controls such as start, shutdown, and initialization on the Internet. It is expected that the management of these functions will be decided programmatically and there will be no physical buttons on the final version of the PlayStation 5. In addition, on the right side of the front panel of the console there are 6 USB connectors and a video camera.