Insiders reported all the technical specifications of the cameras of the future flagship Galaxy S11 (2 photos)

Developers of leading technology companiesit is difficult to keep secret the parameters and technical characteristics of future products, especially if it concerns the flagships of recognized market leaders. Almost all the information and characteristics of the next top-end Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphone, planned for the official presentation in only two months, are already known thanks to the activity of insiders and bloggers.

The main advantage of the future flagship Samsungwill become an optical camera system that can surprise you with the quality of photos and new, advanced features. First of all, you should pay attention to the main camera, which received a 108 megapixel Samsung S5KHMX sensor (1 / 1.33 inch), previously successfully tested in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone. The sensor is called ISOCELL Bright HM1 and will use the new generation technology Nonacell, combining immediately 9 pixels in 1 and receive an image in a resolution of 12 megapixels whose dimensions will reach a record size of 2.4 microns. This technology will significantly reduce optical noise and increase photosensitivity.

The processor of the new flagship Snapdragon 865,Allows you to process photos in resolutions up to 200 megapixels, which fully meets the requirements of 108 megapixels Samsung sensor and will allow the company to further increase the resolution of cameras. According to insiders, next year the company plans to introduce a 144 megapixel sensor.

For the telephoto lens Galaxy S11 developersuse the optical zoom technology developed by Corephotonics (Israel). Samsung has already patented the Space Zoom brand, which provides 100x digital and 50x hybrid zoom.

Face recognition function will usenext-generation ToF sensor, which implements not only the identification of the owner by a 3D image, but also makes high-precision measurements when assessing the depth of the scene in portrait shooting. Later, Samsung will place such cameras not only in flagship smartphones, but also in mid-range devices.

Among the new features that the system will receiveSamsung Galaxy S11 smartphone cameras include 8K @ 30 fps / 4K HDR @ 120 fps video recording, and a patent for Bright Night Sensor in Europe hints at the use of the new mode for night shooting.

The opportunity provided by the regime is also interesting.Single Take Photo, which allows for 15 seconds to simultaneously capture video and serial photography. It will also be possible to simultaneously view images from multiple cameras on the screen using the Director’s View mode.

Samsung Galaxy S11 will also feature NightHyperlapse, which allows you to take night shots at fixed intervals and Vertical Panoramas - for vertical panoramas. Custom filters will be used.

Fans will learn more about the technologies used in the flagships of Samsung during the official presentation, which is scheduled for February 18, 2020.