Insiders photographed a prototype foldable Xiaomi (4 photos)

The past year has become the year of market entryseveral models of smartphones with a folding screen at once. The technology has been implemented by leading companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. The omnipresent company Xiaomi does not stand aside from the new direction of development of smartphone construction. Using a spy technique of covert shooting, a working model of a folding smartphone running on the proprietary MIUI 12 software shell was captured in the Chinese metro.

Insiders suggest that the company has startedtesting a model with a form factor similar to the Galaxy Fold in real city conditions. If the assumption turns out to be correct, then the release of the first model of a folding smartphone from Xiaomi can be expected in the coming months.

In fact, insiders have no information abouttechnical characteristics of the future smartphone. From the photographs taken in the subway, you can only get information about the volume of the device's permanent memory, which is 256 GB and the MIUI 12 shell. On the unfolded front part, there are also no signs of cutouts or holes for the camera. The volume and power control buttons, when unfolded, are located on the right side of the smartphone. The rest of the external design parameters are hidden in a special case.

Earlier, insiders noted that Chinese companiesOppo, vivo, Xiaomi and the American Google will enter the market with their folding screen smartphones in 2021. It seems that rumors about Xiaomi's plans are confirmed.

Source: gsmarena