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Inside a dead sperm whale found 100 kilograms of garbage

Our planet is literally completely littered with garbage. Piles of waste lie not only on the surface of the Earth, but also in its orbit and even at the bottom of the oceans. For example, in 2018, representatives of Ocean Conservancy, a company that cleans the seas, found that traces of human waste can be found in 70% of seabirds and 30% of sea turtles. A good example of how heavily clogged the surrounding continents of water was shown by the sperm whale cast ashore on the Scottish island of Harris. At autopsy, a 100-kilogram bubble with fishing nets, plastic cups, rubber gloves and other garbage was found inside his body.

The body of a dead sperm whale on the shore of the Scottish island of Harris

On the situation on the coast of Scotlandtold the British edition of BBC News. The body of a huge marine mammal was discovered on the Sailbost beach by local residents. They immediately called to the scene of the Scottish experts from the organization Smass, which is studying the death of whales, dolphins and other inhabitants of the seas and oceans. It was they who opened the body of the mammal in order to find out the cause of his death.

How does trash harm marine animals?

At autopsy, noless than 100 kilograms of fishing nets and other garbage that were thrown out or lost by fishermen and the crew of numerous ships. The garbage inside the sperm whale has already begun to rot, which is why a huge amount of various gases has formed in the body of the mammal. Therefore, when trying to open the animal, his body literally exploded and exposed a pile of waste.

Fishing nets found in the body of the sperm whale

According to experts from Smass, the sperm whale itselflooked very healthy. However, there is no doubt that the bubble from the accumulated debris clogged his digestive system and did not allow him to eat normally. Most likely, the animal died of starvation after being washed ashore.

The body of the deceased sperm whale

According to local resident Dan Parry, they wereit is extremely difficult to see fishing nets pulled from the body of an animal. He was aware of the excessive clutter of the nearby territories and with a daily walk along the beach, he always takes a bag with him to collect the fishing gear left by people. According to him, most of this garbage could be lost during the storms and people simply do not understand the scale of the problems arising from this.

Do you know that whales can cope with global warming better than trees?

To bury the sperm whale, members of the coastalsecurity had to dig a huge hole on the beach. According to experts, the dead marine animal was a male who had not yet reached adulthood. It is worth mentioning that sperm whales can live up to 70 years and hunting for them was prohibited. Moreover, these animals do not belong to species that are on the verge of extinction, and at the moment their number is at the level of 300-450 thousand individuals.

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Previously, sperm whales were hunted with the aim of extracting them.teeth and some of its internal organs. As a rule, teeth were used to make expensive souvenirs and were valued almost the same as mammoth tusks and walrus fangs. All kinds of medical preparations were made from internal organs.