Innovative technology for transforming actor’s facial expressions into animation

Using Image Integrationcomputer-generated (CGI) with motion capture technology will allow a real person to control an animated hero in real time. The technology was developed by Cubic Motion and is based on a combination of the capabilities of high-speed cameras with computer vision algorithm.

Traditionally for transforming actor’s movementsspecial suits are used with markers installed on them. This technique has two significant drawbacks: further processing of the resulting video is required and the inability to install markers on some parts of the body that are most significant for facial expressions, such as the eyes or mouth.

The essence of technology proposed by CubicMotion consists in using a camera placed directly in front of the actor’s face and mounted on a special helmet. Using computer vision, and without the use of markers, it became possible to capture the slightest change in the facial expressions of a human face.

The most important advantage of the proposed technologyis the ability to transform human movements into animation in real time. Such an opportunity was demonstrated during the presentation of the development, when the animated hero addressed specific people who are in the hall in Los Angeles. At the same time, the avatar was located in Manchester.

The developers said that in the first placethe technology will be used to “humanize” the characters of computer games. To implement this function, special Persona software was developed, which will be leased to computer studios.

Cubic Motion plans include the development of individual devices that will allow players to create their own “avatars”.

Using innovation can be widely used in education, robotics and medicine.

Source: cubicmotion