Innovative mask will improve the healing of facial wounds (4 photos)

Modern Reconstructive Facial Surgeryfaced with serious obstacles in the treatment of severe wounds and burns in the face. Features of the structure of the bones of the skull, the presence of many facial muscles and ligaments, skin contribute to the formation of the characteristic, individual traits inherent in different people. Such originality does not allow to develop a standard methodology in the treatment of facial injuries.

Deep burns healing methods are based ontransplantation of skin tissue or its biological analogues. However, during severe operations, complications may arise, the tissue may be rejected, infection may penetrate into the wounds, and after treatment, coarse scars remain. In addition, skin grafts can not always be resolved, since with a serious illness, the formation of an additional wound can weaken the patient's body and lead to a deterioration in his health.

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Specialists from the Institute of Regenerative MedicineWake Forest (USA) proposed an innovative method of treatment using a biological mask printed on a 3D printer and ideally corresponding to the individual characteristics of the patient's face. In this case, the mask contains a layer of the "native" cells of the patient.

With the help of a computer tomograph is createdthree-dimensional model of the site requiring treatment. Then a three-layer mask is printed. Two layers of hydrogel: one with cells of the epidermis, the second with cells from connective tissues, the third layer - the fibroblast.

The use of such a mask for 7 days showed a significant increase in epidermal and dermal cells. At the same time, wound healing and reduction of its size occurred much faster.

The next stage of testing a biological maskprovides for the placement of another layer containing cells of melanocytes that produce melanin, which helps to eliminate cosmetic inconveniences when the healed wound does not match in color with the patient's healthy skin.