Inflatable module for space flights in orbit of Mars or the Moon (10 photos)

Space exploration requires the provision of astronautscomfortable and spacious rooms for research and maintenance of normal life. Sierra Nevada Corporation offers an original solution in the form of inflatable frameless modules that support the work of space travelers in the study of the Moon or Mars.

One of the main advantages of the prototypeare the compact dimensions of the module in the idle state and a large volume in the expanded state. The module, which is a multilayer shell, can be put into orbit in a minimized state using the launch vehicles ULA Vulcan, SpaceX Falcon or NSA SLS. After putting into a predetermined orbit, the module is filled with air and is deployed to a working state.

The working volume of the chamber is 300 cubicmeters, which is about one third of the current ISS. The design of the module is a room of three levels and allows you to support the life of four astronauts.

The project has been under development for about three years,and five companies were directly involved in the creation of the prototype. The module is currently undergoing testing. The first launch of inflatable modules into space is scheduled for 2024 for the Lunar Gateway station, which will be in orbit around the moon.

Source: futurism