Infinix launches HOT 20 line of smartphones (3 photos)

Infinix announces official launch in Russiasmartphones of the HOT 20 series. This is an entry-level line, the hallmark of which has become a significant increase in performance compared to its predecessors. The series is represented by 3 models: HOT 20, HOT 20i and HOT 20S.

HOT 20 will be the flagship smartphone of the line withan impressive range of features for its class. HOT 20S is the top solution of the lineup and can pleasantly surprise users with a high level of performance. At the same time, the HOT 20i is perfect for those who are primarily looking for a reliable device with basic functionality at a very competitive price. All three devices will receive a modern design that inevitably attracts the eyes of others, as well as an expanded set of proprietary Infinix software solutions designed to take the usability of smartphones to a whole new level.

Infinix will also become an official sponsorMLBB tournament - M4dness December, which will be held from 05 to 25 December 2022. M4 is the largest tournament in the CIS region for this game. At the end of December, the 6 strongest teams will get into the playoffs.

All three devices of the HOT line receivedG-series gaming processors from MediaTek, as well as support for memory expansion technology, which increases the speed of the smartphone and allows users to keep more applications running in the background at the same time, increasing the speed of re-opening them. In the HOT 20i, the memory can be increased by 3 GB, and in the older models of the line - by 5 GB. At the same time, HOT 20s became the first smartphone in the lineup to receive a MediaTek 90 series processor. Thanks to the innovations, the HOT 20 series smartphones will receive a significant increase in performance and increase the comfort of using devices.

All three models of smartphones will be available to expand the storage using an SD card up to 512 GB, while the built-in storage will be 128 GB.

The HOT 20 series is equipped with a set of software solutionsFull Speed ​​Connectivity Enhancement Gaming Turbo which includes XArena, Dar-Link 2.0 and LinkPlus 1.0. XArena further enhances the graphics and stability of the applications, thereby enhancing the player's experience in various scenarios. Dar-link 2.0 helps to optimize the load in demanding games and provides smooth and reliable performance in graphically demanding games, as well as efficient temperature and power management. In addition, Dar-link 2.0 improves picture quality by fine-tuning brightness, contrast and saturation with AVSYNC technology for an immersive gaming experience. At the same time, LinkPlus 1.0 intelligently distributes wireless and mobile network traffic to reduce power consumption and prevent network lag. Finally, the HOT 20 series is equipped with Infinix Erdal Engine 3.0 technology, which greatly improves network stability when using online media such as TikTok.

All three smartphones have an impressive batterywith a capacity of 5000 mAh, and the two older models also have 18W fast charging included. At the same time, the Marathon Endurance technology provides optimal energy consumption of the smartphone and is able to significantly extend its operation from a single charge.

HOT 20 is the perfect smartphone for mobile gamingwith a 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz sample rate for greater responsiveness, smoother viewing and faster gaming controls. At the same time, the HOT 20S has an even more impressive 120Hz FHD+ screen. All smartphones in the series support Ultra Touch mode, which accelerates response by providing almost instant visual feedback when using the device. And new dark area enhancement technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve screen contrast and image clarity even in bright sunlight.

HOT 20 and HOT 20S equipped with 50 MP main camerawith a wide f/1.6 aperture, thanks to which smartphones are able to take high-quality pictures not only during the day, but also at night. Decorate your social networks with incredibly detailed scenes from your travels or walks through the evening streets of your hometown.

Super Night Mode enhances detailphotos at night without overexposing the shot, resulting in truly stunning shots in challenging lighting conditions. Portrait mode makes subjects more visible and photos more layered, allowing users to capture their subjects in stunning detail. When using the short video mode, users can take advantage of various built-in video templates that allow them to quickly edit and merge videos for further publication on social networks.

Availability and price
• HOT 20S 8GB RAM / 128GB ROM: $18,990 MSRP.
• HOT 20 6 GB RAM / 128 GB ROM: $16,990 MSRP.
• HOT 20i 4 GB RAM / 128 GB ROM: $13,990 MSRP.
• HOT 20i 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM: $11,990 MSRP

Source: Infinix Press Release