Infinix announces advanced smartphone cooling technology

Infinix, an international technology company,officially unveiled the revolutionary 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber (3D VCC) smartphone liquid cooling technology. Thanks to an innovative approach, the designers managed to increase the volume of the cooling chamber, which increases heat dissipation by 12.5% ​​and positively affects the performance of the smartphone. This solution reduces throttling and prevents frame rate drops and screen freezes while working with heavy applications. The technology developed by Infinix has been certified by the National Intellectual Property Administration of China.

3D VCC technology
3D Vapor Cloud Chamber technology is different fromtraditional smartphone cooling methods and is a much more advanced solution. Thanks to the special shape of the cooling chamber, Infinix engineers were able to achieve a 20% increase in the volume of fluid used and internal space compared to standard solutions.

When the temperature in the cooling chamber rises,the liquid in it evaporates and removes excess heat. Then the hot vapor enters the condenser, transforms back into a liquid, and, thanks to its special structure, returns to the cooling chamber due to the hot and cold air circulation system.

Thanks to the protrusion in the chamber designcooling, 3D VCC is almost directly in contact with the smartphone's processor, which can improve the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. Compared to traditional 2D designs, the new 3D VCC reduces temperature by about three degrees [2] and the overall heat dissipation efficiency increases by about 12.5% ​​[3].

To achieve the required dispersion parametersheat in the new 3D VCC design, Infinix had to greatly increase the strength of the design. As a result of numerous tests and improvements, the Infinix engineering team designed the internal 3D structure in the form of a matrix support column, balancing the flatness and volume of the internal chamber.

The second major challenge was to keepthe integrity of the wick structure in a three-dimensional chamber, since an unusual shape could lead to the formation of wrinkles that could potentially lead to blockage of the entire cooling system. The solution was found thanks to a comprehensive analysis of the density of the capillary structure and advanced welding methods.

The engineers also paid special attention to the positionholes in the front of the case and the strength of its alloy, which made it possible to reduce the thermal resistance of the conductive medium. The team did a significant amount of testing and testing before they managed to find the perfect position.

As a result of intensive work on threeWith the key features of the new technology outlined above, Infinix was able to create a unique smartphone liquid cooling solution - 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber.

An innovative approach to cooling inInfinix smartphones will allow users to enjoy the benefits of high performance despite the extreme stress they can put on their devices while gaming or streaming live.

True to its motto The Future is Now, Infinixwill continue to develop heat dissipation technology for its smartphones. The company plans to create thinner cooling chambers with more protrusions, the use of new materials, as well as the integration of 3D VCC into the central frame of the smartphone. Infinix's strategy is to provide users with revolutionary devices while keeping them in the price segment familiar to the brand, thereby making technology accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Source: Infinix Press Release