Inexpensive Xiaomi city electric scooter for $ 282 (3 photos)

China is gradually returning to normalafter quarantine, the need for compact individual city transport begins to increase. Xiaomi engineers do not stand aside and present the updated Mijia Electric Scooter electric scooter, with an original design, an increased range of autonomous travel, new smart functions and at a relatively low price. The radius of travel on a single battery charge will, according to developers, be increased to 30 km.

Updated compact city scootermodifications Mijia Scooter 1S is equipped with an interactive OLED display located on the central part of the steering. The screen will display information about the speed of the device, travel mode (three modes are available: normal, sports and economical), travel time and battery level.

One of the main advantages of the Mijia Scooter model1S is a quick folding process that does not exceed three seconds. The weight of the scooter is only 12.5 kg, while the vehicle can withstand a load of 100 kg. The Mijia 1S is also equipped with 8.5-inch wear-resistant anti-skid wheels. For security reasons, you can remotely use a smartphone to initiate an anti-theft wheel lock mode. In China, the price of the Mijia Scooter 1S is about $ 282.

Source: mydrivers