Indications fitness trackers: true or false? (3 photo)

British Organization for the Protection of Rightsconsumers puzzled truthfulness testimony fitness trackers. Just the occasion was suitable - the London Marathon with a distance of 42 kilometers 195 meters. The result has upset the researchers.

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Employees of the British Organization for the Protection of Rightsconsumers during the passage of the London Marathon used different fitness trackers. The weakest link was Garmin Vivosmart 4, which was constantly lagging behind. The device counts marathon distance traveled when the test runner actually covered 59.54 kilometers. The following devices also demonstrated lagging in measurements: Samsung Gear S2, Misfit Ray, Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, Polar A370. These gadgets were counted 42 kilometers and 195 meters, when in fact more than 50 kilometers were covered.

Huawei Watch 2 Sport and Apple Watch Series 3,on the contrary, noted the passage of the distance in advance. Thus, the first runner ran just 30.5 kilometers, and the second Apple Watch tester saw the desired figure of the marathon distance, when he actually covered 37 kilometers.

Some manufacturers have already responded totest results. In Huawei, thanked the British Organization for the Protection of Rights for the study and promised to work on the accuracy of the device. Garmin said that their Vivosmart 4 does not use GPS, so it cannot be a “gadget” to accurately measure the mileage.