India launched the Chandrayaan-2 mission to the moon (4 pics)

In space explorationmore and more developed countries are taking part. Recently, the third interplanetary project called “Chandrayan-2” began its implementation in India. The purpose of launching an interplanetary aircraft will be landing on the surface of the moon. Earlier, India launched the "Mangalyan" orbital probe to Mars and the Chandrayan-1 orbital station to study the Moon.

Start Chandrayaan-2 "carried out byof the GSLV Mk.III carrier rocket from the Satish Dhavan Space Center cosmodrome on July 22, 2019. The rocket will deliver an orbiting station to the moon, the Pragayan lunar rover and the Vikram landing module. The moon rover is equipped with X-ray and infrared spectrometers, video cameras, X-ray radar, a seismograph and other equipment necessary for a detailed study of the lunar surface.

After separation at the 16th minute flight from the thirdrocket stage apparatus will increase height for 2 weeks. Then it will be transferred to an elliptical orbit around the moon. By September of this year, when the orbit will be reduced to 100 km, the descent vehicle will be launched. Approximately, on September 7, the station will be moored near the South Pole. Chandrayaan-2’s working time is two weeks, then a moonlit night will come.

India has every chance of becoming a fourth countrysuccessfully landing on the moon. Earlier, the devices of the USSR, the USA and China were landing on the natural satellite of the Earth. In April 2019, the Bereshit apparatus, launched by SpaceIL, an Israeli private company, crashed when landing on the moon.