In Zelenograd, testing the first "smart" urn (2 photos)

Prefecture of the capital Zelenogradskyof the administrative district of the city of Moscow and the staff of the company Prof IT Group launched a project in the field of Smart City technologies. Within its framework, district utilities have begun to use the "smart" boxes. So it is supposed to reduce waste for garbage collection.

The press service of the company Prof IT Group notedthat such a decision will help to improve the urban environment and improve the management efficiency of housing and utilities systems. The technology involves the use of a remote monitoring and control system, as well as the use of filling indicators and the press.

Setup transmits fill informationbins, directing it directly to the management company. The device operates from a solar battery, so you do not need to connect it to the power supply networks. In order to use the gadget for its intended purpose, a person needs to press the foot pedal, which opens the flap to the inner garbage bin. External indication of the urn, like a traffic light, informs about the level of its filling.

The developers assure that thanks to the integratedpress frequency of collection and removal of garbage will be reduced by 6-7 times. Employees of public utilities can only be called as needed. Such an urn has already been installed on Kryukovskaya Square. Very soon they want to install 2 more smart gadgets in the Square of Youth, where city events are often held.