In Windows 10, the function to safely remove the flash drive disappears (3 photos)

From earlier versions of Windows has a special button to remove USB-drives. In the next update, it will disappear.

We are talking about updating Windows 10 version 1809. The principle of working with "flash drives" will change. Safe Mode will work in the default system. About the "remove" button you can completely forget.

& times

Until now, the bet has been on processing speed.files by USB drives. To safely remove the device, you had to press a special button on the taskbar. Now the data when working with them is not cached. So the need for safe extraction simply disappeared.

If the "remove" button is missing in the update, andfile transfer to the drive has slowed down, you can return the performance mode in the settings. It is enough to right-click on the “Start” button to select the “Disk Management” item. There, right-click on the name of the drive and open "Properties". Here you need to go to the "Policy" tab and select the "Optimum Performance" item in it.