In Windows 10, the display of the display of the Android-smartphone on the PC is tested.

Microsoft is starting to test the updated version of the Your Phone application under Windows 10, which allows owners of Android smartphones to directly display the displays of their smartphones on a PC.

The new Phone screen feature is currently available only to members of the Windows Insiders program. To use it, it is enough to install a test build of Windows 10, as well as the application Your Phone.

The previous year, the manufacturer has alreadyPhone screen functionality was demonstrated. Your Phone software actually displays the smartphone display right in Windows 10. It shows all available Android applications. You can even click the icons to access the programs. Applications run in a remote smartphone session, mirrored on a computer monitor.

All this will require the use ofBluetooth wireless connection in Low Energy Peripheral mode. It just allows you to establish a connection and mirror the data from your smartphone. This means that the support for the operation of this option and participation in testing will not be available on all computers. Limited while the list of supported smartphones. It includes Galaxy S9 Plus, S9, S8 Plus, S8 from Samsung. In the future we plan to expand the list of supported computers and smartphones.