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In which countries do the most active people live?

Physical activity, along with correctnutrition is considered one of the main factors in a healthy lifestyle. In the course of numerous scientific studies, it has been found that regular exercise and walking can improve brain function, eliminate depression and help avoid obesity. In 2017, scientists from the American state of California decided to find out which countries lead the most active lives. The results of this scientific work turned out to be very interesting and useful. Based on them, you can develop a plan to help millions of people around the world who are at risk of suffering from the consequences of excess weight. After all, obesity can cause the development of deadly cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In this article, I propose to find out which countries are lagging behind others in terms of physical activity, how this affects their health and how this problem can be solved.

In which countries do people walk more and play sports? Let's find out now

Physical activity in different countries

Data on physical activity of people were collectedusing the Argus app. It, like many other services for fitness enthusiasts, collects information about the physical activity of users. The most important and visual indicator is the number of steps taken per day. It is believed that each person must walk over 10,000 steps every day. It turns out that every day a person needs to give up some types of transport and walk about 8 kilometers. If a person walks at an average speed of 5 kilometers per hour, then in time it will take about 1.5 hours, which is not so much.

There is a pedometer on both smartphones and fitness trackers. In the photo - Xiaomi Mi Band 5

At the disposal of scientists from StanfordUniversity (USA), there were data on physical activity of 700 thousand people. Putting all this information together, the scientists found that the average fitness app user takes about 5,000 steps every day. The most active users were residents of Japanese Hong Kong - on average, each of them makes about 6,880 steps daily. But the least active were the residents of Saudi Arabia, who take 3103 steps every day.

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Danger of a sedentary lifestyle

That lack of activity hurtshuman health, no doubt about it. My colleague Alexander Bogdanov even talked about this quite recently. In 2016, scientists looked at physical activity data from over a million men and women. It turned out that people with a sedentary lifestyle had the highest risk of death from all possible causes. These include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other life-threatening illnesses. And almost certainly many of these people had problems with being overweight. As part of the scientific work, American researchers also found out in which countries low physical activity leads to obesity.

Obesity provokes the development of deadly diseases

The research results showed that the morein the country of "inequality of activity", the more fat people there are. This term is usually understood as the ratio of active and inactive people in the country. For example, in Sweden there is no such phenomenon that half of the country is physically active, and the other half prefers to move exclusively by transport or even lie on the couch. For the most part, the Swiss are very fond of physical activity, so most of the population does not suffer from obesity. The researchers presented this as a great discovery, but in fact, such a relationship is quite logical.

You can skip elevators and climb stairs to meet your daily activity requirement

But in the USA and Saudi Arabia the indicatorThe "inequality of activity" is high. The researchers found that in these countries, women lead a much less active lifestyle than men. The researchers did not provide exact data on the number of daily steps taken by the inhabitants of Russia. But the above-mentioned indicator of inequality in our country does not reach high levels. It turns out that many of us lead an active lifestyle and we do not experience problems with being overweight. At least not among Argus users.

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According to researchers, residents of some countrieswould be happy to be active, but circumstances hinder them. For example, in the American cities of Memphis and Houston, walking is discouraged, so most of the population drives by car. But in cities with paths for cyclists and an abundance of various parks, people really like to walk. However, do not forget that you can always find a way to replenish your daily rate of physical activity. For example, no one has yet canceled the exercise at home.