In WhatsApp introduced a limit on sending messages (2 photos)

Messengers were originally invented asavailable tools for quick and productive communication between people or a group of interlocutors, the exchange of information and photo / video. However, application developers have come to a completely different.

First of all, big doubts ariseregarding the privacy of popular communication services, as their owners assure, everything is very reliable. In this case, hackers with enviable regularity discover the next vulnerabilities, gaining access to user data and their correspondence. Outraged by many and excess advertising in applications. But most of all, the statement made by the WhatsApp management was most upset about the innovation that affected everyone. The number of sent messages will now limit even more. Previously, the value was 20 individual and / or group chat rooms, but now it has dropped to 5.

According to the official version, so unpopularthe decision in whatsapp was taken to facilitate the fight against the dissemination of data that did not correspond to reality. Fake news nowadays spreads like avalanches. Very quickly they become overgrown with fictional details and details. WhatsApp believes that fakes are a direct threat to the safety of people. The novelty was tested initially in India. It was in this country that such news in two years led to the death of at least 40 innocent people. Now users will be limited in other countries.