In what places of our planet can we survive the epidemic of a deadly disease?

At the beginning of the 20th century due to the Spanish flu epidemicover 100 million people have died. It would seem, thanks to the active development of medicine, large-scale disasters like the epidemic of the so-called “Spanish woman” are no longer terrible for humanity, but this is far from the case. Any deadly disease can spread across the planet at any time, so scientists from New Zealand decided to find out which residents are best protected from possible epidemics. In their opinion, at the moment there are at least three places on our planet where you can survive in the event of the widespread spread of a deadly disease. Residents of these places will be able to fully restore modern technological civilization.

A deadly disease epidemic can begin at any time

Here's what you think features should bein a place completely protected from large-scale epidemics? The first thing that comes to mind is isolation from all the other continents where people infected by the infection live. Small islands remote from the continents would serve as an excellent refuge from infectious diseases. However, one can hardly find a sufficient amount of useful resources and people who are well versed in technology for living. But these two factors are very important for the full restoration of civilization in the event of the death of most of the world's population.

The safest places in the event of an epidemic

Based on the foregoing, New Zealandscientists did not even consider small islands as a possible refuge during epidemics. The attention of researchers was drawn to independent states that do not have land borders with other political territories. Another important factor for scientists was a population of at least 250,000 people, because among them there will clearly be experts to eliminate the consequences of the epidemic, restore the human race and the population of deserted territories.

Our planet really needs people who are able to stop a possible epidemic

Scientists have found that all these requirementscorrespond to no more than 20 places on our planet. Having carefully studied the availability of resources necessary for people's life, the characteristics of the population and the social characteristics of society, the researchers rated the candidates on a scale from 0 to 1 point. The best places to save from the deadly disease epidemic were the island states of Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.

Viruses that could cause another massive epidemic already exist.

How to save humanity?

Also in the ranking were Japan, Barbados andCuba, however, residents of these places will be able to restore civilization with a much lesser degree of probability. The reason for this is an unsuccessful location with a high risk of destructive earthquakes, an insufficient amount of useful resources and, in some cases, political instability. However, after correcting all these shortcomings, some states can also become future salvors of mankind.

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Researchers hope that compiled by themhumanity will never need a rating. But at the same time, they are pleased that now people at least know places where you can survive a possible apocalypse. The main thing is that an already infected person did not manage to move to a protected place - then our civilization can really come to an end, because it will infect even potential rescuers.