In versions of Wi-Fi will be easier to understand (3 photos)

Organization Wi-Fi Alliance introduced a newapproach to the naming of different versions of wireless Wi-Fi. From now on, the generally accepted designations for Wi-Fi will be publicly marked with numbers instead of letters. This simplification will only work for users, specialists will still use the full name.

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Currently, PC, smartphones, networkEquipment and other products equipped with a Wi-Fi module are labeled using the appropriate IEEE standard name, for example, 802.11n, 802.11ac or 802.11ax. Although this naming scheme is accurate and convenient for experienced users, casual customers do not always understand it, especially as standards have become two-letter designations. This, in turn, means that customers do not always capture the right combination of devices that provide the best performance (for example, buying a new PC with an 802.11ac card and an outdated 802.11n router).

That is why, seeking to simplify understandingfurther Wi-Fi standards, the Wi-Fi Alliance and its participants will use numbers instead of letters. As a result, the next actual standard 802.11ax will be called Wi-Fi 6. As for earlier versions, 802.11ac will become Wi-Fi 5, 802.11n - Wi-Fi 4. On hand, such changes will be not only buyers, but also sellers. It will also be easier for manufacturers to advertise and promote their electronic products.