In the US, the factory burned down with 7 million liters of whiskey. Locals try to save nature

Every year, huge forests are affected by fires.arrays and news about this already few people are surprised. Yes, and fires in factories or warehouses is not such a rare phenomenon. However, in the tragic confluence of a number of circumstances, an ordinary fire can be a catalyst for a real environmental catastrophe. This is roughly what happened in the USA in Kentucky, where a local ecosystem was damaged due to a fire at one of the warehouses of the world famous whiskey producer Jim Beam.

Why a whiskey warehouse caught fire

How to pass foreign publications, the fire began 3July in Woodford County, where as a result of a lightning strike, 2 warehouses with Jim Beam products caught fire. As a result, about 45 thousand whiskey barrels were destroyed. And there would be nothing terrible (except for huge losses), because no one was hurt during the fire, but the worst was ahead: as a result of the destruction of warehouses, about 7 million liters of whiskey fell into the local river.

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What is the danger of water pollution by alcoholic beverages

As it became known, at the moment whiskeyspread more than 30 kilometers downstream, killing several thousand fish and other river creatures. It is reported that the alcoholic train continues its movement at a speed of about 9.5 kilometers per hour.

"Bacteria in the water always follow sourcesfood. In this case, it is sugar, dissolved in the drink. Therefore, such a large number of bacteria causes the depletion of oxygen in the water, which is why river animals are suffering. In addition, the factor of direct effects of alcohol on living organisms cannot be excluded. ”Said Robert Francis, head of the emergency response team.

What will happen next?

Currently the Department of Natural Resourcesassesses the scale of the tragedy and measures the level of oxygen in the water. Locals complain about the smell of dead fish. And the very picture of what happened looks scary.

Alcoholic plume that stretches down the river

According to experts, the ecosystem of the region sufferedhuge damage that may affect the population of both fish and other inhabitants of the rivers. Mammals for which river fish was a food source will also be affected. Now rescue teams use special barges to aerate water and increase oxygen levels in the affected areas. Local authorities claim to hold the situation under control. In addition, it was stated that the fish would be left in the river and would have to decompose naturally, so there is no plan for its removal.

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Meanwhile, the alcoholic train continues its downstream movement, killing more and more animals. If you want to discuss this news, then welcome to our chat in Telegram. There you are always welcome.