In the US and Canada, Uber began to deny service to low-rated passengers

Want to ride in a taxi? Take care of your ranking. Such conditions are promoted by the Uber taxi order service for their potential users, warning that, having a rating lower than the city average, they don’t hope to receive the service. True, this applies only to residents of the United States and Canada. The logic of this decision, the company has not voiced.

Current recommendations for maintaining the rating:
• the passenger simply does not litter in the car;
• do not insult or harass the driver;
• do not try to apply physical force to the driver.

It is not reported at what exactly the passenger rating is disconnected from Uber in different cities of the USA and Canada, but drivers receive a “red card” when the rating drops below 4.6 out of 5 possible.

Uber has promised that the passenger will be notifiedblocking. Is there an opportunity to change such an unpleasant situation for a passenger? Yes, according to Uber, a passenger can increase his rating and return his right to use a taxi.
Already in 2017, users from Canada and the United States can find out the reasons for low ratings from drivers; Uber has a special function for this.

In Yandex.Taxi and Uber Russia (both services belong to Yandex), passenger ratings are not displayed. But such a function is planned in the future, representatives of the services shared their information.