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In the United States there is a mysterious swarm of drones. But to whom do they belong?

In the early 2000s, many U.S. residents noticedunusual lights in the sky and they immediately assumed that they saw alien spaceships. The same thing happened recently in the US state of Colorado. According to the American publication Business Insider, residents of the state and surrounding areas for several days in a row have been observing in the sky a swarm of huge drones, the number of which is in the tens. Nobody knows about who launched them and for what purpose, but the locals have some assumptions.

Mysterious drones in the sky USA

The first mysterious drones in the sky of Coloradowere seen on the evening of December 23. According to numerous eyewitnesses, flying objects looked like a bunch of flashing red and white lights. However, some of them managed to calculate their approximate sizes and, according to their assumptions, the wingspan of the drones is about 1.8 meters. Drones appear in the sky regularly and even in the sky of other American states like Nebraska, and their number is always different. Once in the sky there were already 30 vehicles.

Mysterious drones over the USA

Where did these drones come from, still no oneunknown yet. However, Phillips County Sheriff Thomas Elliot shared that they almost always fly in a certain direction. It is as if they are exploring different parts of the sky and are flying to one part of it, then they are studying the other. Most often they can be seen in the interval between 7 and 10 pm, at an altitude of about 100 meters.

Local authorities contacted the Office of Wrestlingwith drugs and representatives of the Air Force, but organizations were assured that the drones did not belong to them. Recognizing aircraft is generally not possible due to the fact that the sky above Colorado is not controlled and owners of drones are not required to register purchased devices. In general, drones do not violate any rules and, according to Sheriff Thomas Elliot, they do not look dangerous.

But drones may well belong to the Drug Enforcement Administration, because they can detect plantations

According to photographer Vick Moss, who in hissometimes also uses drones in their work, someone uses devices to create a map of the area. It may well be that their owners are local farmers who simply study the crop growing on vast fields. However, the question arises - why are they doing this in the dark, while much more can be seen during the day?

Do you know how drones can help humanity fight global warming?

The most realistic assumption seemsOpinion that the devices belong to the local company for the production of drones. They may well be testing their devices, including in low visibility conditions. Perhaps they want to incorporate a night vision system into their drones.

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Be that as it may, the authorities urge people not toworry and in no case try to shoot down drones. The fact is that if they fall, they can ignite and cause a fire. But most likely, the devices are completely safe and just perform important work for someone.