In the United States successfully experienced cargo drone (video)

US manufacturer Bell Helicopter conducted successful flight tests of the APT 70. This "tailsitter" will be introduced next year with the assistance of NASA for unmanned transportation of goods.

Such devices are likely to deliversmall cargo: products, orders from online stores, parcels, mail, and the like. By the way, various cargo drones of modest size, including couriers in the form of robosobak, are already offered by many manufacturers.

The APT 70 operates on 4 small aircraftfuselage with electric motors and screws, 2 stabilizers and 2 wings. He is able to carry loads weighing up to 31.8 kilograms in a cargo capsule. The device sits down and takes off vertically. The change of configuration to the horizontal is carried out in flight. So energy and landing space are saved. The maximum speed reaches 160 km / h. The drone is capable of performing an autonomous flight along a given route with landings at several points of destination.

Source: N + 1