In the United States have developed a spacesuit helmet with a projection display

American company Hypergiant Industries,engaged in the development of technologies related to artificial intelligence, has created a prototype HyperVSR helmet for a space suit, equipped with a projection display system, which can be very useful when performing complex space missions. A transparent visor of this helmet can display, for example, information about a person’s vital signs or other data.

According to the executive director of the companyHypergiant Industries Ben Lamma, such a helmet can improve not only the effectiveness of astronauts, but also their safety, visually displaying vital signs and information for crew members, minimizing the number of unnecessary gestures.

Safety in space comes first

“Cosmos is an unpredictable environment where eventsand the risk to the safety of your life can increase significantly in a matter of minutes. In such circumstances, it is imperative that the safety of astronauts is never questioned. We have developed a helmet that will allow astronauts to quickly obtain important information about the situation, as well as be able to monitor their health and help make important decisions even in the case of complex emergencies, ”Lamm comments.

The helmet itself comes with specialcompact labels. By placing these tags on the gloves of the spacesuit and looking at one of them, the astronaut will be able to get information, for example, about his life indicators, emergency alerts and in general about the data of the passing mission. The helmet is equipped with special sensors that monitor which label the person is looking at and then displays the relevant information on the projection display.

Hypergiant is currently refiningsoftware for the helmet, and is also actively seeking potentially interested in their development of space agencies and military contractors.

"Our current prototype has already been demonstratedseveral representatives of firms performing orders of military departments. We are going to demonstrate the new version of the prototype this summer to the representatives of the state authorities, ”the company noted.

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